Carl's Jr App Redesign

2 Weeks

UX Researcher, UI Designer

Mario Espana, Pablo Cuellar


Carl's Jr. mobile app experience causes frustration in users because it is not easy to navigate. Our team redesigned the experience to create a more accessible and intuitive customer ordering experience.


Users ordering Carl’s Jr. through their app need a way of quickly navigating through the experience because currently the app’s layout and accessibility confuses customers.


We propose a redesign of the Carl's Jr. app, incorporating accessibility guidelines, reorganizing information, and implementing a refreshed visual treatment. This approach aims to enable users to navigate and place orders seamlessly without any challenges.

UX/UI Audit

Conducting a UX/UI audit gave us a clear vision of what needed to be fixed and what elements of the current design can still be carried over to the redesign.


Creating personas helps to understand who is our product’s users, what their goals and frustrations, and for what purposes they will use the product. The result should be believable people with their own experiences and values.

Competitive Audit

Analyzing competitors' apps gave us a different perspective on how we can redesign the app. Whether it was the UX or UI of the competitors' app we drew ideas from it and built on them.


To quickly iterate ideas we created sketches through a crazy 8's exercise. From our exercise we narrowed are sketch decisions and converted them to digital wireframes.

Digital Wireframes

Style Tile

To keep a consistent visual treatment across the redesign we created a style tile to establish the new UI guidelines we planned to use.

Hi-Fi Wireframes


This was our first time working together. We got along right from the start and the design process was easy for us because we both fed off each others ideas. This was all done in a remote environment so it would have been interesting how much different our design process would have been in person. What we can improve on is the way we came to a final decision on what design direction we wanted to take. At times we felt like we have many ideas but it was difficult to separate the viable ideas versus what could have be done with the timeline. We were able to over come this obstacle be referencing industry leading designs to know what would work and what wouldn’t.

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